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today the search is on if a mailbox bomber as an explosion rocks a local d.c. neighborhood. a deadly hit and run accident early this morning. we'll let you know what police are looking for. michael vick back on the job in the nfl. many teams wouldn't take him but he will be back on the soon as a philadelphia eagle. what fans are saying this morning. also ahead, he is only 11 years old but has landed a one on one interview that might leave journalists four times his age a little bit jealous. fox 5 morning news continues right now.
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traffic on the american legion bridge already running pretty heavy this morning. i think we've seen this trend. fridays, people seem to get to work a little bit earlier and leave a little bit early. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. yeah, summertime felt like summertime most of the week. >> more of of the same. more summertime conditions. hot temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to the low 90s between a erndovand over the co of the weekend. and a lot thof so losnshine tso is good. here is a look at your satellite-radar composite for this hour. we will see plenty of sunshine once the sun comes up. clmngs lk od. ere a ousode ms clouds off to the south and easto nasta littl bit of precipitation south and east of the district as well. right now, reagan national airport is reporting a temperature of 72 degrees. the humidity is up there, 91%. your wind is out of the northeast at six miles per hour. barometric pressure continues tonight rise as high pressure to our north wants to work its way in here.
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here is a look at the day planner for today. lots of sunshine, warm. highs in the mid-80s. somewhat humid. and the slightest breeze. that will help you out a little bit. slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm here or there. most of you will not see any precipitation. that is the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. let's check in with julie wright and find out if the roads are busy out there. >> i'm telling you though, friday mornings, i think you hit the nail on the head. friday morning traffic is usually in the summer lighter than it is on the rest of the week. a lot of folks try to enjoy a three-day weekend. if you do have plans to take off, a little vacation in your future, now is the time to go. this afternoon, that is when things get busy, especially around lunchtime. 66 was troubled early with an accident on the westbound side of the highway. all of that activity has cleared. now, we've got delays on the eastbound stretch as you work
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your way in from 50 fair oak over towards 13. slow traffic after nutley street to the beltway and again, everything here is open. no accidents to report on the beltway between annandale an merrifield. top side of the beltway in good shape as you commute between the exits for 95 college park and 270. you will find lanes are open southbound 270 leaving rockville headed out rd the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. julie just mentioned that a major commuter route that was closed for a while as police investigate a deadly hit and run just before #:00 this morning, i car hit a man crossing suit land parkway. police are on the lookout for a small blue or black vehicle with extensive front end damage to the windshield and the right side mirror possibly missing. parkway had been closed for a while but lanes are now all reopened. that is the headline there. our bug story coming from the nfl is michael vick against
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a second chance signing with the philadelphia eagles. the news comes just week after his release after serving 18 mont in prison for a death fighting conviction. vick is sunder a conditional suspension in the nfl. he can play if the final two e-own gams but couldit out anywhere from one to sick weeks once the regular season begins. his first chance to play then would come in week seven against the redskins. it is up to nfl commissioner roger gudel. >> i peroty much lobbied to get him here. i believe everyone deserve as a second chance and what a better place to come here and i think for a guy would has spoken the truth in front of the nation, has served his time and for a guy who is just looking if an opportunity to get his feet back on the ground, you know, i think he deserves it. i look forward to him joining us in the next couple of days. >> reporter: vick was once the
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huest paid plar in the nf almost the new contract pays him $1.6 million for the first year. let's take hay a look at what some phones are saying to my fox philly. one fan says this team lost all of its dignity in just one headline. what were they thinking? they won't watch another eagles game until vic is off the team. another fap says i don't understand why people can't give him a second chance. i didn't like him when he played for the falcon but now i feel bad for him. he has done his time and then some. he has lost everything. this is his only chance. can you sound off on look for the story on our home page. the other story in sports, olympic gold medalist michael fell p was involved in a car dent last night. he was behind the whiffle cadillac escalade that collided with another car ate downtown intersection. nobody was seriously injured though the driver of the other car was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.
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more bragging rights for the ravens as they beat the redskins last night #-0. the ravens dominate the game come pigging nearly 500 net yards -- compiling nearly 500 net yards. we'll take a short break and have much more coming up on fox 5 morning news.  ydealer. wh more eligible models qualifies to be recycled,rf yo you can get a $3500 or $45 government rebate. and just announced! if y q fuafylior the clunker yo fy, bau may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months., that means you can buy a09 bu limaor $271 a month after a $3500 government re bate and no down payment.
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we are back with a look at this morning's top stories. postal service inspectors are looking for theperson who plant a bomb inside a big blue curbside mailbox. it exploded in a mailbox located near brown middle school in northeast washington. fire crews temporarily shut down several streets an forced neighbors to evacuate. fob was hurt. damaging or destroying a mailbox is a federal offense. today, police will continue to look if the remains of shaquita bell, the d.c. woman missing for 13 years. yesterday, there was a possible break in the case.
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police unericed a shoe that bell's family thinks may belong to shaquita. authorities are looking in a wooded area in fort washington. bell's ex-boyfriend pointed to murdering her and pointed police to the area where he says the body is buried. elderly women tied up, robbeddened attacked inside their home. a judge sentenced jose garcia polara to live without parole followed by three consecutive life sentences. a jury convicted him in may. one of the women died in the attack. >> anything less would have put us all in swrep did i at a later ted date and other dated people too. he is the kind of individual fa, he would have gotten out, feel certain he would have come back on us as retaliation. it is now 10 minutes after 10:00. think back with you were 11 years old, what was the big of the thing you had accomplished
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his influence still impacts today's artist s guitarist and inventory les paul has died. the guitar that bears his name is favored by music legends. it is still one of most popular guitars out there. he died of complication of pneumonia at the age of 946789. those closest to eunice kennedy shriver will wish her a final farewell during a private funeral mass today. yesterday, a steady stream of mourners filled a cape cod church to pay their respects remembering mrs. shriver as a passionate humanitarian. she is most known for starting the special olympics. she is the sister of president john f. kennedy and senator ted
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kennedy. 10-year-old damon weaver made headlines. and now he is interviewing the president. he tackled topics from education to bullying. he asked mr. obama how he handled it. >> as president i get what? >> you get bull yod a lot. >> you mean people say mean things about me. well, i think that when air president, you're responsible for a lot of of things and a lot of people are having a tough time and they're hurting out there. and the main thing i just try to do is stay focused on trying to do a good job and try to be understanding. but sometimes people are going to be mad about things. but if i'm doing a good job, i'm doing my best, and age trying to always help people, then that keeps me going. >> damon already interviewed vice president joe biden last year. he is the son of a single mother and the lead broad brod
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caster at his florida elementary school's tv station. he already has a full college scholarship to albany state university in georgia. there is alink to the full interview on under web links. >> he asked good questions. >> yeah, he did. >> great. >> very nice. >> wonderful. >> he with all learn something from him. >> yep. >> okay. what are we going to learn from you? e you will learn the weather will be like for today and into the weekend. weho yoatw u ths we've got u fog out there. the dark gray you see. that is the fog. again being primarily to the north an to the west and then some parts of the region, there are dense fog advisories up to our north across southern portions of pennsylvania and down to the south and west of washington as well. but not in washington, d.c. but you see that fog popping up here and there. also, some clouds across portions of the lower chesapeake bay and southern maryland. let's take a lack at the graphics. our temperatures across the region, 7 # here. 75 down in norfolk. you still got that warm air in place down to the south.
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it will warm up again quite nicely today. cooler out to the north and west, pittsburgh, 62. cincinnati at 64 degrees this morning. satellite-radar composite, we'll put this in motion for you. we had a couple of showers late last night and overnight primarily to the east. this more than, that precipitation is mostly pushed offshore. however, we are seeing some showers pop up now across -- that is pretty good there. some across the southern portions of the chesapeake bay, eastern virginia into southern maryland and southern portions of virginia as well. i do want see any lightning with this but we do see a couple of areas of heavy rain so some of that pop-up variety early this morning. here is hua want to know for the beaches. today, tomorrow, 20rbgs 0% chance of some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening hours. that is at bethany and ocean city. sunday looks to be dry and very, very pleasant. again, for rehoboth and for cape may, pretty much the same
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thing. warmer and drier on sunday. here is the forecast for us for today. mostly sunny, isolated afternoon thunderstorm. it is possible. high about 8 # degrees today. our normal high for this date would be 87 degrees. five-day forecast, your weekend will be warm. upper 80s to around 09 degrees. looks like it will be dry. saturday, the slightest chance of a shower or thunderstorm here or there in the afternoon and evening. that is the latest on the weather. let's get more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> no accidents reported right new for those traveling southbound on 95 and 295 working your way in utah of laurel this morning. outer loop. beltway running smoothly between college park and the exit for 270. you are talk about a little bit of fog out there. we are seeing a little fog here out of germantown as you continue southbound into gaithersburg. all of the lane are open with no incidents to report. as you continue that trip all the way out towards rockville. just waiting for this to burn off. could very well see a little bit of fog up on the mountains there as you travel in out of
6:19 am
frederick continuing over towards 270 and picking up i- 70. no accidents to report if you are traveling along northbound i-95678 the pace good to go as you continue through woodbridge headed up towards lorton. earlier problems have cleared. 66 eastbound will slow between 50 and 123 and after nutley treat to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a florida man has won a legal face-off with big tobacco over the death of his wife. the man received nearly # million in damages after his wife died from luncancer. -- nearly $2 million in damages. the company plans to appeal the case. here is one way to quit smoking. run off to a deserted island. jeff spice is spending a some on an island off the coast of scotland hoping it will help him kick the habit etch said he smoked about 30 cigarettes a day. >> i'm in the going to be the
6:20 am
most cheerful person in the worlwn i'm in the smoking. i didn't want to have to have conversations with other people. i just want to quietly be miserable, give up smoking and then get back to normal again. so that was my plan. >> spice says he felt confident that he would kick the habit after just a week. he t challe says the e tar wheh atnd we heeather and the lack oe exercise. as we go to break right now, if you are oklog ing for a new obj yorr aoue aseeking ou a new talent, the job shop on is a good place to the job shop ngn jooe thb e op at hetop of the home page and you can check out listings across the d.c. area. coming up being we'll feature our job of the day.  for all event, n you can get great lease deals. i love it! i just want to know it's the right move. me? thirteen days in the future. you get a deal on the car you always wanted. scheduled maintenae isinclu.
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topping our business beat, something to keep an eye out for if you plan to take advantage of the cash for clunkers program. if you're not careful, some car dealers may be looking to take advantage of you. some deal ares are pressuring customers to sign agreements that say, if the government doesn't reimburse them for the sale, you will have it pay up. government says customers are not required to sign those agreements. it was a good ay on the market yesterday. the question is how is it looking for the end of the workweek. let's check in with robert gay with fox business network. it seemed like it was pretty light volume most of the week and yesterday, here we are at a high for the year. >> yeah, how about that, steve? i was just taking a peek over here at the futures. they've been meandering between gains and losses. we've seen stocks higher in europe. may bode well at the open. we'll get key reports on consumer prices base you canally inflation at the consumer level coming out at 8:30. so that could drive the tradingearly on. we had this disapinning retail
6:25 am
sales yesterday so we want to know if the consumer is feeling a little bit better than they were last month when we saw it slipping don a little bit. we had a report out from nordstrom on their latest earnin. they were pretty much in line but kind of bullish about raising the forecast. keep an eye on j. c. penney an abercrombie and fitch. we want to hear what they have to say about back to school. ford, you mentioned that talking about cash for clunks are. they are doing pretty well. they will ratchet up their production thanks to cash if clunkers. keep an eye on that. by the way, department of transportation saying just about half of all the money, the $3 billion allocated, has been used thus far but they did modify that plan saying you can actually order cars that aren't on the dealer's lot as part of the cash for clunkers. ford trying to meet demand for the ford focus and ford escape models. those are some of the fore fuel
6:26 am
efficient models which have been selling pretty well for ford. >> real quick, lets get back to the retail numbers. wal-mart was one of the first to report and wal-mart has done well even in these tough times. how closely now are we watching for some of the other retailers numbers. >> we'll be watching very closely. you can hook into theseven afte nordstrom, they are more bullish than analysts thought. we had urban outfitters come out. they are doing pretty well. analysts say we'll spend money on the teens, back to cool, younger chin. as far as the likes of j. c. penney, the department stores have lagged. holding back and spending more if people are going out and buying cars. >> we'll keep an eye on it
6:27 am
throughout the day. have a great weekend. it is he big storyhat has everybody talking this morning. michael vck is set to take the field once again as a member of the philadelphia eagles. details on the deal he reach and reaction from one of his new teammates. also ahead a scare that shuts down part of a d.c. neighborhood involving a mailbox. is all coming up as fox 5 morning news continues. it is now 6:27. 
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fox 5 is following some breaking news this morning. a hit and run accident has killed man in southeast washington. it happened as that man was trying to cross suitland parkway about #:00 this morning. he was hit on the parkway near stanton road. right now, police are looking for a small blue or black car. they say it should have significant damage to the windshield and also the right side mirror is possibly missing. we want to check in with tony with another look at the forecast for this friday morning. >> today will be very simil to yesterday, simply put. wewegot up to 87 degrees. maybboaut 86 today. lots of sunshine. and a stray showera r thunderstorm later on. atee-it a look at thall inar foe-r tmohig.rns u syoeettaliit ble of shower activity south and ea of bthe waonshgtain a acssst earoern portions of virginia, across the southern portion of the chesapeake bay, the lower end of the potomac river and some eastern portions of maryland as well. temperatures at the area airports currently at reagan
6:31 am
national, 72 egrees. it is 70 at dulles. bwi marshall is at 69 degrees. your forecast for letoay, molys sunny and warm. highs in the mid-80s and with the slightest chance of a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon and evening, but again your highs down downtown 86 degrees is what we'll look if and elsewhere,7 in la plata and 84 in winchester. there you go. that is the latest. >> we'll have the weather guy today? >> yes, we are. it is coming up in about 15 minutes. >> okay. let's check some with julie wright and find out how traffic is moving. >> it is moving quite well, thank you, sir. no accidents to report right now if you are traveling south on 95 and 2959 between the baltimore beltway and the capital beltway, i think everybody made it home from last night's game. we do have a crash reported on the outer loop near route 50. john hanson highway. the activity confined to both shoulders with fire and rescue units enviewt. that means they will take away a lane once they arrive at the scene. this is the inner loop of the beltway headed around from
6:32 am
route one college park. outer loop holding steady from route one and around towards bethesda. 270 a nice easy ride for those out of germantown. this is a live shot of 644 franconia road and as you work your way up towards the capital beltway. the lane are open continuing up onto 395 andhooded out towards duke street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a mailbox mber apparently on the loose after an explosion in a d.s. neighborhood. >> somebody planted a bomb inside a postal service mailbox that went off near brown middle school in northeast washington. tom fitzgerald is live on the scene us for. >> reporter: if this was meant as a prank, no one in this neighborhood of 49th street and meade street northeast are laughing this morning. that is because someone could have been seriously injured when an explosive device was placed inside of a blue u.s. postal mailbox around 10:00 last night.
6:33 am
we had video of the scene just shortly after it occurred. police responded to the scene with k-9 bomb-sniffing dogs after the explosion. concern here in the neighbor was that this bomb placed inside this mailbox may not have been the only one. fortunately, police scoured the area and it was only this one device but that was enough. neighbors here who describe the scene say debris went flying for several feet. >> my neighbor said he heard a small boom and then the big boom but i didn't hear the small one. i heard the big one. >> reporter: now, debris as we said was scat ford about # 0 feet. let's give you an idea just how powerful this explosion was. this divot is across the street from where the mailbox is.
6:34 am
it goes down almost about six inches. you have to imagine if somebody was walking by d was struck with that, they could have been seriously injured. d.c. police are still investigating this case this morning. >> authorities could be closer to locating the remains of a d.c. woman missing 13 years. yesterday, police unerktded a shoe in their search for shaquita bell. investigators are not commenting on the fine but bell's family says they believe that shoe belongs to shaquita bell. authorities are looking in a wooded area in fort washington. bell's ex-boyfriend confessed to murdering her and pointed police to the area where he says the body was buried. life in prison several times over is the punishment for a man behind a string of crimes that targeted elderly women in montgomery county. a judge sentenced this man to life without parole followed by three consecutive life sentences. a jury convicted him back in may.
6:35 am
he is serving time for staking out el irly women, tying them up, robbing and taxing them. one. his victims died but another with survived praised the judge's decision gentleman anything less would have put us all at jeopardy at a later date and other people too. if he had gotten out, i feeld. certain that he would have come back on us for retaliation. >> he maintains his innocence and says he will appeal. union officials are fighting to get a metrobus driver caught talking on her cell phone back behind the wheel. she is on paid leave right now because of system's new zero tolerance policy. but the amalgamated transit system says she was using her cell phone with a good reason. the union says the driver was calli metro's control center because her two-way radio wasn't working. the union says the bus wasn't moving while the woman was on the phone. now to i big story coming out of the nfl where the football world is reacting to news that michael vic has signed a contract with the philadelphia eagles.
6:36 am
>> they gave him a one-year deal with an option if a second year. he hasn't played in the nfl since 2006. he was convicted in 2007 of conspiracy and running a dogfighting operation. he reese be thely got out of federal prison. he is currently airnd conditional suspension with the nfl. he can play in the final two pre-season games but could sit out from one to six weeks once the regular season begins. some of vick's new teammates are glad he is getting a second chance. >> i pretty much bobied bob -- lob wrid to get him here. i think for a guy who has spoken the truth in front of the nation, has served his time and if a guy looking for an opportunity to get his feet on the ground, i think he deserves it. i look forward to him joining us in the next couple days. >> if the nfl commission are makes him sit out the first weeks of the rowing season, that means his first chance to play would come in week seven
6:37 am
against the redskins. >> you can share your thoughts on this on look for the story on the main page. another nfl player will sit on the sidelines. dante stallworth is suspended for the entire 2009 season. he struck and killed a man in miami and pleaded guilty to dui manslaughter. he spent just 24 days in jail though. he is on house arrest for the next two years. still ahead, can't squeeze in eight hours of sleep every night. you mate not need it if you have the right gons. aliens have called the earth home and they are not happy about it. we'll take a look at the movies when we come back. er. de with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. if your clunker qualifies to be recycled,
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you can get a $3500 or $4500 goverent rebate. and just announced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72onths. that means you can buy t s ersilv ado half-ton for $228 a month after a $3500 gorn me that means you can buy t s ersilv ado half-ton for $228 rebate and no wn payment. go to for details.
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>> rail yens who are running out of patience. car salesmen who are running out of time and a star-crossed couple who can't seem to stay in the same place at the same time. just a identify of the top picks this weekend at the box office. joining us is kevin mccarthy. gentleman how ar you doing in. >> i'm good. >> greatto see you today you look great today by the way. >> thank you. >> let's start off talking about district nine. the i'll yep movie. you think this one will to well i can't i got for say this. $30million film looks like it was made for $300 million. the lead star, his first big acting gig. it is based on a movie the direct "made in 2006, a sports film. theseally yens have come to johannesburg and they landed 28 years prior and now 1.8 million of them have been quarantine in an area called district nine. and they are heading autopsy i
6:42 am
mission to evict these aliens and something goes wrong. i don't want to say what it is. this is one of the most seamless special effects films i've ever even. meaning when the humans are interacting with the aliens, it looks so realistic. i interviewed the lead star yesterday who said he improvised all of his lines and during the scenes with the aliens, he was talking to a guy in a gray suit the entire time. so all the emotions are realistic. they just pop in the aliens. they say this will do well because it is different from anything you've seen before. it is original. it is one of the most intense movies. last 20 minutes. film will blow you away. >> is it too intense for youngsters? >> it is rated r. it is violent. the last 20 minutes of the movie, i almost got out of my chair and rand round the theater screaming. my friend next to me, he said you have -- he had to say shut
6:43 am
up, kevin. i was yelling. i've seen about 150 movies this year so far. i have aonly given two five out of five's. this is my third one. up believable movie. i'm seeing it again this weekend like two or three pore times. >> the others we want to talk about, bandslam. >> this movie works surprisingly. i love the lead star. he will be in here later on. >> yes. >> it is a story about a kid who is an outsider and he goes to a new high school and he enters a contest called band diss slam. vanessa hudgens is in it. i think it is like an a-plus version of high school musical. it is a little more in depth, a little more adult. i wouldn't say it's masterpiece. it has cliche moments to it. if you are a young wimbledon kidd, i think you would enjoy
6:44 am
it. -- if you are a young kid, i think you would enjoy it. i would say this is a rental because it is cliche. it is kind of enjoyable. what about the goods. this is one of those sometimes you're almost embarrassed to laugh. >> i was in l.a. i interviewed the cast of the film. it is produced by the guy would wrote stepbrothers, anchor man and tons of movies. it starts off strong but the joke are so crude and raunchy throughout that it does keep you entertained. i do thinked leading man could have been better. there are a lot of good cameos. i gave it a three and a half out of five. >> and the sense tough side of you, did it hike the time travel are's wife? >> i cried.
6:45 am
i had a little tear. >> it is a tear jerker. >> the best way to sum up this movie is fascinating. it is more interesting than anything else. it is overacted and overdramatic. i saw it and i called my mom up. i was like mom, if you can suspend your disbelief that he is time traveling through time and that is the struggle of them staying together, you are able to watch t i gave it three and a half out of five actually little bit overacted but a love soree. >> is it a date movie? >> great date movie. >> we have put where you are interview. >> right and they are up on >> and we also have coming up during our 8:00 hour the bandslam star gale inkenell will be here. >> he carried the movie. he was great. >> he is from the bethesda area
6:46 am
as well so a local guy. kevin cried during time traveler's wife and he ran around the theater screaming during district giant. >> it was a little tear and i wiped it and that was it. it wasn't like a big tear. >> backtracking. district nine, go see it. >> this is youngies material right here. >> wait until they hear this. >> i'm going to see district nine. >> i'm going it see kevin run around the theater. >> you might call me up crying. you might say that is one of the best movies i've seep all year. >> we'll see it. very good. let's look at our weather conditions around the region. not i bad weekend to go to a movie. it will be rather warm around here. by sunday, we'll be up to around 90 degrees. saturday, upper 80s. warm and humid.
6:47 am
we'll be at about 90 degrees here in washington, d.c. so not a bad weekend for the movies. let's take a look at what is going on around here right now. 7 # degrees currently. 72 in frederick. patuxent naval air station, 73 degrees and then fredericksburg, it is 73 degrees at this hour. a look at the satellite-radar, we'll show you where we're seeing precipitation this morning off to the south an east across the chesapeake bay. lower end of the chesapeake bay and in some eastern portions of virginia, we get a closer look at this. it is a nice little area of heavy rain right now just there down at the mouth of the potomac river and along the chesapeake bay and just along the coast of virginia, some heavy rain and across southern maryland and southeastern virginia, also see something rain showers this morning. you want to be aware of that. here is a look at the surface map. high pressure. that wants to build in here here. there is your fronteddal system. that is the cause of the
6:48 am
continuing rain and the clouds that we're seeing. -- there is your frontal system. can't rule out a stray shower or thunderstorm but most of you will not see any rain today. most of you remain dry under mostly sunny skies. 86degrees for your high. take a look at the five-day forecast. here is what we're looking at. we don't have the five-day. uslly we do. it gives me a chance to walk. that is a look at was happening with the weather. >> can you walk anyway. >> -- you can walk anyway. time now for ask the weather guy. >> this is segment where tuck are bernardino and i put our big heads together to we are your most pressing questions. today's question is weather- related. it comes from james jones. he wants to know how come the dmv neverren counters lightning
6:49 am
or thunderstorms during the early-morning hours roughly between 6:00 and 11:00 a.m. james, never say never. >> it is a good question. >> it's very good question. but we do indeed, as you all know from us working here and sometimes some of those mornings where tucker and i scurrying around like crazy, we have the occasional thunderstorm in the morning. but james is right we don't typically have them early in the morning. >> it seem we get a lot more in the afternoon. >> thraws reason if that. am i going to answer that? >> or i will. >> the reason -- here is what happens. >> we should have worked this out. >> usually we see thunderstorms in the afternoon because of what we call daytime heating. the sun warms up the foyer. it helps with the evaporation an all the rain, the bay, the area lakes, they help with the evaporation so the water gets lifted up in the atmosphere. by late afternoon, we get the showers and thunderstorms. but we have other factor at work that will cause showers and thunderstorms overnight and during the early-morning hours. i had a thunderstorm at my
6:50 am
house at about 3:00 in the morning yesterday morning. >> we are aseing some showers, not - an we are seeing some showers, not a thunderstorm yet. a couple of weeks ago, we had a pretty good thunderstorm that came through portions of the viewing area during those hours. it can happen. you were right. it doesn't typically happen for that reason because to get those big boomers, you have to have the daytime heating going on. i should also point out as we are in tropical season, you get a tropical storm coming through here, which we ghetto indicationally, and can you get a deluge of rain and thunder and lightning and all that stuff, overnight into the early- morning hours as well so it does happen. >> all bets are off when that happens. >> a great question. and you guys explained it well. thank you very much. if have you a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. thank you very much. where well plapped, tucker. let's head out to the roads and see how they're looking
6:51 am
early this morning with julie. >> tucker said he had like a thunderstorm at his house. that wasn't the rain. thats what the landlord trying to collect rent. that is what it was. notice he is not denying it. all right. must write response on teleprompter for tucker. here we go. beltway at route one college park p lanes are open. we mentioned earlier there was a fender bender over near 50, the john hanson highway. activity is off the road to the shoulder owe the lanes are open. no accidents to report northbound on i-95. little bit of that fog still hanging around in the area that tony and tucker have both been talking about. but no incidents to report right new on 95. the lanes are open out of fredericksburg up to the capital beltway. suzanne nikolaus is still flowing between 66 and 123 and brief will you at nutley street. let's take a look at what is ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> it sounds like a threat
6:52 am
straight out of a sci-fi thriller but kill are asteroi are out there. also at 7:00, a health care debate heating up and we'll an,% here to sort it out for us. and at 8:00, at 20 years old he has made quite a them for himself. galen ken he want ll will be here to talk about his now role in the movie bandslam. stick around. it is all coming up. on call, not everybody needs eight hours of sleep apurntly. researchers discovered a rare gene in a mother and daughter who were able to survive on about six hours of sleep a night without any side he cans. the national institutes of health says adults need seven to nine hours of leap for good health. there is another reason
6:53 am
that chocolate may be good for your heart. scientists say heart attack surviewferz would eat chocolate twice or three times a week are less likely to die from heart issues. >> you, you have an excuse to eat chocolate. this morning, holly is out at the fair. she will give us a taste of what is going on out in montgomery county this weekend p we are coming -- we are coming back right after the blake.  spar - - right afr the h0c
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. it is friday and you know what that means? we are at the fair. it is our third friday at the fair and this morning we're at one of the biggies as we are live at montgomery county fairgrounds for the 61st annual montgome county agricultural fair. they know how to do fairs here and we're going to give you a good preview this morning. we'll start out by horsing around as we're at the 4h horse and pony areapa. and the girls are already getting their horses ready to be on tv. they're saddling up and they will teach me about some events and we'll talk about why they do this. and then from riding horses to riding the carnival rides. we're tackling those this morning as well. in fact we hr they have a couple of new ones, including vertigo, which i think might give me vertigo.
6:58 am
it goes 100 feet in the air and spins around. we'll find out all about it and we'll give you all of the information so you can come and enjoy it yourself. >> the horses i can do, the rides, i don't know. we'll see you at 7:00. yesterday holly took us inside the museum of woodstock. there is a lot of nostalgia surrounding the festival but one couple met there four decades ago. >> at that time people didn't think with free love and sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, we were carefree and not responsible, but we're been together for 40 years and true to each other from that time.
6:59 am
nick and bobby are on the cover of the woodstock album at the woodstock museum. you're looking at video from last week where steven tyler had the fall off the stage. the band is canceling the rest of the tour. he needs to recover from a broken shoulder and 20 stitches in his head. and he said its proof falling off the edge four times isn't bad. and we'll turn things over to claudia and steve. we have more today. after serving time for dogfighting charges, michael vick is headed back to the nfl. he has signed off with the eagles. we'll get reaction from new coach, teammates and the fans. it's all coming up. and another big story, a local neighborhood is rocked when a mailbox blows up. we're liveh

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